Nat Bratzilla, born and bred mere miles away from  the Evans City Cemetery where parts of Night of the Living Dead were filmed, is lucky to have had parents who loved to scare their offspring. Some of her best childhood memories involve having a blanket thrown over her head during Halloween and Friday the 13th sex scenes but being able to watch as axes sliced through flesh and severed heads; and horror-themed birthday parties where a homicidal scarecrow chased her and her friends through a cornfield, and a witch later tricked them into thinking they were eating brains and eyeballs instead of spaghetti and peeled grapes. After spending her last decade as an adult in Oregon, California and New York, Natalie moved back to the ‘Burgh in 2010 with a new appreciation for the gritty city that has captured her imagination since she was a Jaycees-haunted-house-loving little brat.

Brizblack Catzman is hopelessly addicted to all things old, spooky and dreadful. A pre- or post-mortem dissection of his person would reveal his body to be made mostly of the following items: dust, fake spider webs, not just a few rusty joy buzzers, and black candle wax. Brizblack emerged from the toxic wasteland known as Staten Island and fondly recalls trick-or-treating within blocks of the now closed Willowbrook State Hospital, whose crematorium smokestack fueled his childhood nightmares. After several years living in fright-starved parts of America (Oregon, northern California, and upstate New York) Brizblack is now gorging himself on the dark, psychic transmissions that Pittsburgh emanates 365 days a year. When he is not rotting away in a cubicle, his eyes and brain being mutated by the glow of an LCD screen, he is exploring all that is horrofic, or simply weird, in his post-industrial backyard.

*Zombie drawing created by the very talented Jonny Axx. Get yourself one

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